Consulting Services

Pvk Group is a business group which deals with complete consulting services to companies, organizations, professionals and ambitious investors of International Markets from expirienced scientists, from every financial and business science.

Provides complete and new high quality services, based on the specific customer requirements, based on international and european principles.

Our experienced consultants study and analyze every resource, taking into account the maximum information and clue that a company may contain, like knowledge, experience for the dominant trends of international markets. They use proven methodologies and tools and offer high consulting services able to cover factors below:

  1. Startegic Planning
    1. Services / Products
    2. Innovative planning
    3. Vision - Mission stratification
    4. Strategic goals
    5. Axtion lines
    6. Alternative development scenarios
    7. Interior & Exterior business environment analysis
    8. SWOT Analysis
  2. Business Planning
    1. Services/Activities
    2. Manpower - Organization structure
    3. Operating framework
    4. Required infrastructure
    5. Business goals
    6. Critical success factors
    7. Technological advance
    8. Financial analysis
  3. Marketing Consulting

    Our consultants guide businessmen and companies, with knowledge and safety, to the impementation of strategic marketing into successful promotion of their products or/and services and ensuring that all consumers not only desire them but are also eager to buy them.
    We offer:

    1. Strategic Marketing Plans

      We draw startegic marketing plans, including ways to depict and advertise prodcuts / services of a company and analyze Market, Competition, Consumer and product mix, services etc.

    2. Product Portfolio Mix
    3. Payment policy
    4. Distribution Channel Strategy
    5. The whole communication paln and the selection strategies and selection means

    Strategic Marketing Plans are addressing mainly large or medium-scaled companies which search to improve above strategies and policies based on current marketing reality and consumer needs.

  4. IT Solutions
    1. System design for businesses
      1. Determination of technology and planning to implement project
      2. Determination of technical requirements in detail
      3. Architecture design
      4. Project requirements analysis (software & hardware) and definition of strategical development
      5. Determination of security requirements
      6. Determination of resources which will be used and transfered to the new system
      7. Tutorials used to help learn the new system
      8. Help Desk
      9. Diagram design to illustrate how we will move from the old system to the new one
    2. Installation Support and System Check
      1. Evaluation Plan – Trials & checks for each project phase
      2. Scheduled certified Tests or not to check system vulnerability
      3. Composition of evaluated suggestions to check completeness and add it production.
      4. Testing to certify that the system functions properly and acceptance tests
      5. System receipt check
    3. IT & Telecommunications Support
      1. Ensure the correct implementation of project contract from the point of view of time, payments and technical support.
      2. Ensure quality and technical completeness of teh delivered material of each ditinguishable project work.
      3. Ensure (prediction, formation, formattng) prerequisites of proper function after installation and project receipt, it's successful incorporation in business environment and it's business development by the customer.
      4. Ensure interconnection, coordination and functionality for each project part.
      5. Successful implementation, exact functionality of project operation, in order to operate properly and efficient implementation of software applications that will be built before deadline and in cost estimations.
      6. Update and use efficiently human resources during all project's implementation phases in order to achieve the best results.
      7. Monitor and check if project's contracts are properly implemented.
      8. Localize and inform immediately the Contracting Authority regarding problems that will may arise and set project's implementation under threat.
  5. Management (programming and administration) of private investments
    1. Cost and Financial Project Programming
    2. Time Programming, monitoring and project planning
    3. Succeed the best possible combination of resources, financing flow
    4. Check implementation progress – Readaptations
  6. Financial Studies – Business plans, development plans (ESPA, Juncker packet, Law on development, Funds, Secondary markets, etc)
  7. Pvk Group offers consulting services which refer to building business plans and financial studies like:
    1. Collect appropriate information to create the folder
    2. Edit information and prepare the folder
    3. Fill the folder with all appropriate legitimizing elements
    4. Offer elements and information to authorities to help in evaluating the folder
    5. Create all appropriate technical, financial elements / reports and every other required documentation
    6. Financial analysis and project's sustainability report
    7. Application of prototypes and regulations
    8. Determine the financial schema and financing resources
    9. Documentthe the membership application folder to the authorities/li>
    10. Administration, financial ?a? technical monitoring of investment implementation, submit reports and requests under the conditions of approval decision and do all necessary actions with the authorities or other financing resources (ex banks)
  8. Offer consulting services under application of standards and regulations
    1. Study and implement systems of quality assurance (ISO 9001, 22000 etc.)
    2. Product Certification and special study writing (CE trademark, evaluation of professional danger at work, project quality, etc.)
    3. Study, design and implement Health and Secure systems
    4. Quality training and support in standards and regulations application

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